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With thousands of companies offering a wide range of products and services to auto retailers it can become challenging to reach a decision maker and get their attention to discuss your offering.  After working in dealerships and listening to owners and general managers sharing stories about “all those interruptions during their day” We figured it was time to find a solution that benefited not only the auto retailers but the companies trying to connect with these dealers.

Top Choice Vendors was created to fill the role of a Vice President of Marketing or Operations Manger in the dealerships, since most stores don’t have the resources or budget to have a full time employee in this role.  After 20+ years in the business I have seen products, services, and companies come and go.  Most provided a valuable service but too often there was no one at the dealership that had the time or the full understanding of the value of the offer, so this meant hundreds of happy-clientrejections to these sales calls.  Our program acts as a Virtual Vice President of Marketing for our participating dealerships.

When a vendor calls the dealer they are told to contact Top Choice Vendors (TCV)  and the dealer will share a unique dealer ID number along with a validation code word.  The representative from the company then visits our website and completes a Vendor Profile Form which provides detailed information on the company, it’s products and services, contractual information and a range of pricing options along with some additional details.   Once the form is received the info is entered into our database of vendors and if applicable we will add additional comments that might be helpful to dealers reviewing the information.

We then share information with the dealer about the product, service and/or opportunity.   TCV DOES NOT TELL A DEALER WHO THEY SHOULD OR SHOULD NOT DO BUSINESS WITH.   We may make recommendations based on the profile information the dealer provided when they signed up for our service.  Based on the dealers market, resources, budget, and sales volume some products will clearly be a good fit and others will not, or may not be a good fit at the current time. Again, the dealer makes the final decision.

Business is fluid and things change.  Dealers drop vendors and add new ones for many reasons.  When this happens TCV is able to provide our dealers with profile sheets of vendors that are a good fit for their needs.

Our entry level program vets the vendors and works as a matchmaker to benefit the dealer and the vendor.   There is no charge to vendors to use our services and no company is required to provide us their information.   Over the coming months our team will be building an extensive library of vendor information based on content from their websites, industry resources, and from current clients of the vendors.

Upon request we will be happy to share our basic vendor profiles with that vendor to insure our information is current and provides an accurate description of their offerings and related materials that might impact a dealer’s decision about their company.  Our goal is to highlight vendors and make sure our dealer clients have the right information to make an informed decision.

We invite your company to start the process and complete our Vendor Profile form.  We often also follow up with a phone call and may ask for a demonstration of the service so that we can properly represent your offering to our clients.

Stand by, as our Vendor Profile Form is  being finalized over the next week.

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