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Top Choice Vendors: Your Virtual Director of Marketing

We help dealers validate vendor products and services
There are about 18,000 new car dealers in the United States and a few thousand vendors providing products and services to those dealers.  That means the sales teams of those vendors are reaching out to dealers everyday.   And while the products and services being offered may be of real value to the dealer, and will benefit their business, dealers don’t often have time to give the vendor a fair hearing on their offering. This means both dealers and vendors are missing opportunities.vendor-calls-to-dealer

That’s where Top Choice Vendors enters the picture.  Our team acts as an agent of the dealership to filter, review, qualify and help vendors connect with dealerships who want and need their products and services.

When it comes to the business needs of a dealership there is no “one size fits all” solution.  Markets, budgets, resources, staffing, advertising expenditures, and inventory needs vary.  This means a service that does well in Baltimore, Maryland or Chicago, illinois might not be a good fit in Benton, Arkansas.

Our program creates a profile of each participating dealership. We analyze their current business processes, staffing, and look at the products, services, and marketing that are in place now.  We ask a lot of questions to gauge their appetite for growing their business, using new technology, and observe what we feel are strengths and weaknesses in their operations.

We are not high paid consultants doing on-sight, in depth analysis, and charging hundreds of thousands of dollars. We do a high level assessment from information provided and through phone calls with the ownership or management team.   This helps us understand our clients needs and to make good recommendation on which vendors they should consider utilizing.

Quite simply we act as a dealership’s VP of Marketing.  We look for ways to help our clients increase efficiency, improve customer traffic, recruit and retain employees, raise their visibility online and in social media channels, and even help craft marketing programs that engage local community opportunities.  Our standard program is only $375 per quarter and we offer more in depth advice and consulting services for stores that want some extra effort in selected areas.

The Top Choice Vendor program is available as one of the service options on our Dealers Marketing Service tiers. 
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