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Top Choice Vendors Dealer Program


(Fee Noted Above is for a three month period)
Subscribing Auto Dealers can refer any vendor calls to Top Choice Vendors (TCV), where our service collects, updates and distributes vendor information to the dealerships along with any proprietary information and insights about the vendors.  Based on the Dealer’s Profile provided to TCV the dealer can quickly review the vendor offering and profile and see if the service is a good fit for their needs.

Top Choice Vendors acts like the dealers’ VP of Marketing to make sure team members have the best products and services to help them perform at peak levels.  We make it affordable for every dealer to fill that position and work to find solutions to improve productivity and profitability for each participating dealer.

Pricing listed is a quarterly fee for our services.  See our Terms and Conditions page for additional details.


Auto dealers are inundated with cold calls from vendors selling all sorts of products and services.  And while the products and services being offered may be of real value to the dealer, and will benefit their business, dealers don’t often have time to give the vendor a fair hearing on their offering. This means both dealers and vendors are missing opportunities. 

That’s where Top Choice Vendors enters the picture.  Our team acts as an agent of the dealership to filter, review, qualify and help vendors connect with dealerships who want and need their products and services.  Let our team streamline the vendor connection process.