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Top Choice Vendors Frequently Asked Questions

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How Does This Program Work for Dealers?
Once a Dealer signs up for our program we act as their agent to provide a simple vetting process for auto industry vendors. We help streamline the process a dealer utilizes when evaluating which vendors are best suited to provide services for their dealership. The dealer completes a profile sheet so the Top Choice Vendors team understands the local dealers’ needs, budgets, resources, and appetite for certain programs, advertising, and technology opportunities.

When a vendor solicits the dealership, the General Manager or Owner says they participate on the Top Choice Vendors program and tells the vendor to visit TopChoiceVendors.com (TCV).  The dealer then provides the vendor with their unique TCV dealership number and a validation password, which the vendor enters when they visit the TCV Website. If the vendor’s corporate information is on file, TCV will forward that information to the dealership for review along with any TCV comments about the product or service. The dealership then has the option to contact the vendor directly for a demo or more information.  Or the dealership can respond via TCV and we will convey the dealership’s message to the vendor.

What does this service cost dealers?

The fee is $375 per quarter. There is no long term contract and dealers may cancel anytime by contacting us via phone or written notice (email or letter).  Payments are recurring each quarter until a dealer cancels the service.  After cancellation notification, and at the end of the paid quarter, the service will expire and dealers will no longer have access to vendor reports, proprietary articles, posts, or any special offers that vendors extend to Top Choice Vendor dealer clients.

Dealers active in the Dealers Marketing Network have this program included in their monthly fees.  

Do vendors pay to be listed on Top Choice Vendors?

NO.  We are not a vendor classified service.  Any vendor can contact us and post their information about their company in our system. This might include their products, services, pricing, and other information.  Then that information plus any other insights gathered may be shared with our participating dealerships.



Does Top Choice Vendors tell Dealers which vendors to use?
No.  Our primary goal is to provide information that dealers may find relevant in determining which vendors to use.  We feel that virtually all vendors provide services of value, but depending upon the dealership’s market, size, inventory, internal resources, and current vendors, some services might not be suited for their particular needs or budget.  We share the facts about the company and their services, then share our thoughts on where the service could be of most value to a dealership.  Dealers make the final decision on who they select as a vendor.
What information does a Dealer provide when signing up for this service?
Dealers complete a questionnaire that shares a list of their current vendor providers and the services they are currently utilizing.  We also ask them to provide an evaluation of those vendors based on the value provided and the cost for the services.   We also learn about the dealers’ market size, demographics, marketing budgets, social media efforts, sales volume as well as employee retention, recruiting and training efforts. To offer optimal value to our clients, we need to understand the environments where they operate. Gathering this information provides context to better assist both dealers and vendors.  By learning about our clients and their individual needs we can provide them with valuable insights, guidance and help connect them with companies that can advance their agendas.
Can Vendors advertise on the site?
We do not accept advertising on the site at this time, but may offer vendors an opportunity to highlight offers and other relevant information in the future.  Any advertisement from vendors will not impact our reports, comments or information provided to our dealers.  As we build out our vendor profiles we may offer the opportunity to have an advertisement on the profile sheet sent to the dealer.
Can a vendor update information in the report to dealers?
If any information provided by the vendor is not correct or up to date, the vendor may contact us and we will update that information. Vendors can update their profiles to insure we have the latest info on any new products, services or updates in their terms or pricing.  Proprietary comments, dealer feedback and other internal information is not shared with vendors.
Isn't this just like Driving Sales Vendor Reviews?

While DrivingSales.com provides vendor reviews it does not take into account the operations of the dealers looking for specific services. Also since these reviews are submitted by customers of the vendors some of the information might not be accurate, objective, or current.  We do however believe they are a good resource for general information.

What if a dealer wants additional consulting services from Top Choice Vendors?
With a strong background in marketing, technology, advertising, and dealer operations, we do offer additional consulting services to dealers and fees are quoted based on the work required, time frame, and whether an on-site visit is required.  If a project is outside our expertise we will recommend other professionals or organizations that can assist the dealer for their project.
Can vendors stop their sales call efforts by using Top Choice Vendors?
Absolutely not.  Every company should continue to have a clear business development strategy, but we hope that their participation on Top Choice Vendors will be part of that strategy.  Dealers are independent thinkers and often like to make their own decisions about who they work with for various services.  We are only a conduit to assist dealers that need some extra help and guidance to improve their business and operations.

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