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The auto retail industry is dynamic and auto dealers face numerous daunting challenges on a daily basis.  Running a dealership requires clear skill sets  and a keen focus on various departments as well as strong management skills.  No dealership could succeed without quality products and services provided by various third party companies.

In speaking with dealer owners and general managers over the years they often spoke about not having enough time to vet the many vendors offering products and services.  Often they would glean info on certain companies from 20 Groups, conferences like those sponsored by Digital Dealer or DrivingSales.com, and naturally at the annual NADA Convention and Expo.  Sometimes it’s difficult to separate the hype from the actual offering and that’s where Top Choice Vendors comes into the picture.

After 25+ years in every aspect of the auto business (except working for an OEM) I have come to understand the value proposition of companies, know many of the executives at the various companies and clearly understand what they are offering to auto retailers.

We are looking to simplify the engagement process and help connect dealers with vendors that can help grow their business and complement their current efforts.

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Mark Dubis 
Director of Top Choice Vendors


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