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Dealers: Stop the Vendor Call Insanity!

Save time and money when selecting products and services.
Leverage the Top Choice Vendor Team expertise

Dealers: An Easy Way to Solve Your Marketing and Operational Challenges

We play matchmaker so auto retailers
and vendors are more efficient and profitable

The Marketing Challenge

Most dealers don’t have the resources for a full time Marketing Director. Top Choice Vendors helps dealers find the right resources to deliver their message or campaign to bring in new business.

Showroom Process

Sales are won or lost based on the customer sales process. While there are an incredible amount of “tools” available, finding the right one for your dealership and market isn’t easy.

Problems With Employee Turnover?

High employee turnover erodes trust from customers, causes morale issues, and impacts sales. Hiring the right person is just the first step.

Vendors to the left, Vendors to the right, and Auto Retailers in the middle. . .


Vendors at National Auto
Dealer Conventions


Exhibitors at Digital Dealer


Number of Vendor Calls Dealers
Get on Average Every Week

Dealers are inundated by vendor cold calls daily.  Using Top Choice Vendors allows dealers and vendors to connect when there is a business need and when the right opportunity presents itself.